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Díaz Yerro, Gonzalo





Gonzalo Díaz Yerro was born in Madrid and got a degree in Composition (with specialization in Media and Applied Music) at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain).

Gonzalo has composed music for cartoon series, features, documentaries, short films, videogames, musical theatre, TV-signations, art videos, music library projects and composed and arranged music for many TV spots (Cocacola, Peugot, Kellogs, McDonalds, Ford, Anki, etc.). 

He has also composed music for Cozmo (the AI-powered toy robot created by Anki TM).

As a film composer Gonzalo has worked for directors like Carlos Baena (Pixar, Paramount, Artella), Bobby Beck (Pixar, Animation Mentorh, Artella), Dany Campos, Diana Nava, Chedey Reyes, etc.

As a concert music composer his works (for soloists, chamber music, orchestra, ensemble, choir, concert band, big band, new media, etc.) have been premiered and played in Vienna, Madrid, London, New York, Berlin, Ghent, Zagreb, Tallinn, Las Palmas, San Sebastián, Cuenca, Málaga, Tenerife, Argentina, Brazil, etc.

Gonzalo has also written orchestal arrangements for artists such as Conchita Wurst, and as an orchestrator he has collaborated mostly with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, but his work was also played by The City of Prague Philarmonic Orchestra and in the Synchron Stage Vienna.

He has been Professor of Composition and Film Scoring at the Conservatorior Superior de Música de Canarias (Gran Canaria) from 2007 to 2016.

Since 2016 Gonzalo is living again in Vienna, working as a freelancer.

Currently, he is scoring the animated series Cleo&Cuquin produced by Anima Kitchent. 



- Nua für Bass Klarinett und Marimba. UA (estreno) 2017.

- De martes y gentes für Geige, Cello und Klavier. UA 2016.

- Poemas del Mar, für grobes Orchester. UA 2016.

- Face 2, für zwei Performer (Percussionisten) und Video. UA 2016.

- Tientos 1-3, für 2 Klarinettenund Klavier. UA 2015.

- Face, für einen Performer (Percussionist) und Video. UA 2015.

- Nocturno azul, für Sopran und Klavier. UA 2015.

- Suite Tres Pequeñas Piezas, für Blasorchester. UA 2014.

- Gent-ar, für solo Alto Flöte. UA 2014.

- Requiem for a common person, für solo Cello. UA 2014.

- Gysb (aka Simply CG), für solo Flügelhorn/Trompete und Blechquintett. UA 2013.

- Pavana for Maurice André für Flügelhorn, Streichorchester und Cembalo. UA 2012.

- Skizzen für Flöte und Cello. UA 2012.

- Wirklich?, für Countertenor und Gitarre. UA 2012.

- Shaink-ann, für Cello und Klavier. UA 2011.

- Kay, für Big Band. UA 2011.

- Tres bagatelas, für Klavier. UA 2011.

- Elegía, für Tuba und Klavier. UA 2011.

- e-concerto, für Tuba und Tape. UA 2011.

- Zai-ng, KU-o und naiSht, für Gitarre. UA 2010.

- Hypps x3, für Flöte, Vibraphone und Klavier. UA 2010.

- 3 cant-osss, für Gitarre und Klarinette. UA 2009.

- Revisiting Los Planetas, für Big Band. UA 2009.

- Mis vidas, für Streichorchester. UA 2006.

- Back to the Ludwig, für Big Band. UA 2005.

- Recuerdos del sur: Pizarra, für Klarinette und Klavier. UA 2000.

- Cuatro Sonetos, für Baritone und Klavier. UA 1999.




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